History of the Hanover Emergency Communications Center

Back in 1958 a 5 man committee was appointed by the Town Moderator to study establishing an Emergency Communications Center at the Town Hall. Joseph Ingle, Andrew Baker, George Currie, Avito Dicicco and Henry Newcomb were named. At a Special town meeting on November 28, 1960, the Town voted and appropriated from available funds the sum of $4522.20 to establish and equip the Emergency Center.

On May 26, 1961 at 8:00am the Emergency Center became functional and has been manned 24 hours a day since that time. In July 1962 a local government base station was added to the Center, serving mobile units of the Water and Highway Departments.

During the year 1962 the Center transacted 25,376 calls serving the Hanover Police Department, Hanover Fire Department, and Visiting Nurse. A total of 63,000 radio and telephone messages were being handled annually at the Communications Center by 1972.

By 1973 the Emergency Communications Center Committe consisted of three members Henry Newcomb, one of the founding members of the committe in 1958. Also serving were Robert Coburn and John Thompson. Also The Communications Center employed 9 Dispatchers, some who started with the original opening of the Center.